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Transmeta adds Sharp to Japanese allies

The Sharp announcement rounds out Transmeta's support by major Japanese notebook makers including NEC, Fujitsu, Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi.

Sharp will introduce a notebook with a Transmeta processor in Japan next month, the companies announced Thursday.

Sharp's Mebius PC-SX1-H1 notebook, set for release June 30, will use Transmeta's 600MHz Crusoe processor.

The Sharp announcement rounds out Transmeta's support by major Japanese notebook makers. Transmeta already has deals with NEC, Fujitsu, Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi.

The U.S. launch date of the Sharp notebook was not released. But in the past, the U.S. release of a notebook with a Transmeta processor has followed the Japanese release by a couple of months.

Transmeta is an upstart trying to break into the competitive world of processors by taking on Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. One of Transmeta's selling points is low power consumption that saves battery power.

On Wednesday, Sony announced its second notebook to use the Transmeta processor. The notebook will begin shipping in the United States in June for $2,000.

Although no major U.S. manufacturer has backed Transmeta so far, the Japanese support leaves the upstart "well positioned" for future notebook growth worldwide, IDC analyst Alan Promisel said.

"Notebooks using Transmeta's processors are of the thin-and-light variety, which leaves them well positioned in the long term as the market shifts away from the heavier...variety," Promisel said.

Promisel added that he expects a dramatic drop-off in the shipment of heavier notebooks in the next year or two, calling them "dinosaurs, a dying breed."

IBM initially announced support for the Transmeta chip. But last fall, Big Blue backed off plans to use the chip, citing no real gains in battery performance.

Intel and AMD are also using battery-saving technologies--Intel's SpeedStep and AMD's PowerNow--to compete with Transmeta. Intel released a power-saving mobile processor in late February for thin-and-light notebooks.

Sharp's new Mebius weighs 3.2 pounds and will come with 128MB of memory, a 20GB hard drive and a 10.4-inch active-matrix screen. It will also come with three USB ports, a SmartMedia slot, a Secure Digital memory card slot, an IEEE 1394 port and a built-in modem.

Ed McKernan, Transmeta's director of marketing, said the June shipping date of Sharp's notebook coincides with one of Japan's heavy selling seasons.