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Transforming scale looks you in the eye

The Caso Baking Scale features legs that hold an easy-to-read LCD panel. The legs fold for easy storage.

The elevated height of the display makes it easy to read.
The elevated height of the display makes it easy to read. Williams-Sonoma

Baking can be a furious endeavor. Throw a cook into a fully stocked kitchen with a set of measuring tools and anything can happen. That doesn't mean everything has to happen, though. Any chef could live without the spills and the messes that inevitably occur from trying to use something that was designed for another purpose. Worse yet is when a commonly used item gets in the way.

Baking scales, like any other piece of kitchen equipment, are only as useful as far as they can be used. Sounds simple enough, but all too often utility is lost due to some overlooked feature. Designed to be used with oversize mixing bowls, as well as everything in between, the Caso Baking Scale gives cooks an eye-level view as to what is going on.

A display that allows you to clearly see the readout may seem like an unwieldy thing to store, but the scale solves this problem by folding for storage. In the closed position, the legs that serve to elevate the display panel fold flat, giving the scale overall dimensions of 10.5 inches by 6.5 inches with a height of only 0.75 inch. With it being easy to use and easy to store, the scale saves time and space, offering more than meets the eye.