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Transform your iPod into a Frisbee...

iFrogz' Tadpole protective case for iPods

iFrogz Tadpole

... or maybe a teether?

I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be handing over a 5.5G iPod to my child, but given the numerous Disney movie titles available in the iTunes Store, it might be a good way to occupy the little chipmunk while you're out and about. Good thing there's the Tadpole, a rugged, playful protective case with dual handles.

Available November 1 from iFrogz, the $20 Tadpole "engulfs the whole iPod while leaving open areas for the Click Wheel, iPod view screen, and various buttons and accessory points." Made of dust-, lint-, and Go-gurt-repelling silicone, the Tadpole is available in orange or purple, for either 30GB or 60/80GB iPods. For an added sense of security (as your kid drops the hard-drive device down a flight of stairs), iFrogz includes the adhesive plastic Screenz screen protector.