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Traditional PR - things you can do better

Learning to use PR effectively is an important part of any marketing plan. Don't let the conversation about your brand ever stop.

It's no secret that most companies are not great at PR, or that many people consider PR to be a money pit with questionable returns. But odds are some very simple tweaks can make your efforts much more successful.

Over on The Page Wonders blog, Ray George gives some advice on 3 Things You Can Still Do Better in the world of traditional PR. In addition to better leveraging tactics like contributed articles you have to start thinking beyond the immediate press hits and realize that the conversation shouldn't end.

Here's a bigger idea to chew on - people sell PR short by thinking of media opportunities as a 1:1 ratio. That is, client briefs reporter - reporter writes story - it goes live - it is listed under client news section. Instead, focus on using media opportunities and successes and discussion to breed other media opportunities and successes and discussion.

The big idea here is to ensure that your brand maintains momentum and that media opportunities go from 1:1 to one to many.

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