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Trade shows not dead yet

In response to the Oct. 31 Perspectives column by Jon Oltsik, "Death of the tech trade show":

I enjoyed your piece, and you are generally correct with most of your points. However, trade shows aren't quite dead yet. Those that outlived their market or were overblown niche events have died as they should have. But several are growing. CES, for example, is getting bigger while Comdex contracts.

Also, as an employee who's attended many shows, you are blatantly overgeneralizing to say that everyone gets drunk or that trade shows are boondoggles; some sure, but not all. In fact, for those who work the shows, these events are butt-busting 12- or 14-hour days. The only folks who have time to party are the press, analysts, schmoozers, sales people and the hangers-on.

Jeff Weir
Santa Clara, Calif.