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Trade in your old iPhone 3G for cash with Carphone Warehouse

The new iPhone 3G S is the definition of Crave-worthy, but it won't come cheap. Thanks to the Carphone Warehouse, we could get up to £180 for our old phone to put towards new gear

For iPhone obsessives, the iPhone 3G has gone from gadgety BFF to painfully uncool smart phone paperweight.

But it won't be cheap to upgrade to the new iPhone 3G S, even if you're on the Platinum Priority list or take our advice about the secret one-month contract.

Now Carphone Warehouse is throwing us a bone and offering cashback for our iPhone exes.

They'll hand over £100 for any size of the first generation iPhone, £170 for the 8GB iPhone 3G, and £180 for 16GB iPhone 3G.

You don't have to have bought your unwanted Apple spawn from Carphone Warehouse, nor do you have to buy anything from the 'house with your cash, if you do the trade-in on its Web site.

Of course, you could just sell your iPhone on eBay, where they're still fetching around £250 for an 8GB iPhone 3G, if you don't mind flirting with a tiny risk of scammers.

We're not convinced the new iPhone is worth it, if you already have the 3G. We'll be staking out iTunes today for the free operating system upgrade to 3.0 and then seeing if we still need that compass or what.