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Trade HD DVDs for Blu-rays with Warner's Red2Blu program

Warner's new Red2Blu program is letting customers trade in HD DVDs for Blu-ray versions of the same movie, for a small fee plus shipping and handling.

If you aligned yourself with the red team during the HD DVD vs. Blu-ray format war, we wouldn't blame you if you felt a little turned off to the whole idea of high-def discs. Warner's new Red2Blu program is trying to relieve some of the sting for the losers of the format war, giving owners of Warner HD DVD movies the option to trade in their movies for Blu-ray versions of the same movie. The program isn't free--you send in the cover art from your HD DVDs along with $4.95 per movie, plus a $6.95 shipping and handling fee for your entire order--but it's definitely better than having to shell out another $30 bucks for a new Blu-ray. There are some minor restrictions, such as you can only trade in 25 movies per household and only one copy of an individual title, but the biggest restriction is that the offer is only good for Warner titles.

All the home theater editors at CNET already jettisoned their HD DVD collections on eBay, but we're interested in hearing whether any of the HD DVD faithful plan on using this program. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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