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Track politicians' tweets with PoliticoTracker Twitter Edition

Ever feel like you have no idea what your elected officials are up to? If they're tech-savvy, they're tweeting. This clever app aggregates the tweets of all Twitter-using politicians.

If your favorite politicians are tech-savvy enough to tweet, you can follow them in PoliticoTracker Twitter Edition.

Remember ExecTweets, the app that aggregates the tweets of over 100 top executives? PoliticoTracker Twitter Edition does the same thing for elected officials.

Specifically, the app lets you track the tweets of U.S. politicians (those that use Twitter, anyway). Sure, you could manually look up and follow your local representatives, but this makes it significantly easier.

What's more, PoliticoTracker Twitter Edition (PTTE) lets you create a favorites list for easy access to the officials you care about most.

In short, it's a pretty nifty app for politics junkies (you know who you are). And it's a great way to keep tabs on what senators, governors, and all the rest of those crazies--er, honest, hardworking officials--are up to.

PTTE costs 99 cents. If you're really serious about politics, check out the main version of PoliticoTracker ($9.99), which gathers real-time news about specific politicians, not just tweets.

And while we're on the subject, don't miss Visible Vote Mobile, a freebie app that shows you the voting records of your state senators and congressional reps.

App power to the people!