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Track multiple packages with maps using TrackThePack

Track some packages with TrackThePack.

Package tracking is really one of the better inventions of the 20th century. One of my favorite tools for said activitiy is TrackThePack, a delightfully simple tool that lets you track packages from a multitude of services, and keep them together in one simple list. It also throws each shipping location the package visits onto a map, which is neat, but mostly useless.

If you're unregistered, you can only run a single tracking number at a time. Registered users get the added benefit of pulling in the package updates as an RSS or iCal notification feed. People who will be away from a computer can also sign up to get SMS updates, a handy feature offered by some (but not all) package carriers. This way you can get it from all of them without sharing any of your personal information.

For heavy-duty users, the service offers a Firefox extension that lets you track a package just by right-clicking on the tracking number, which will automatically add it to your package queue.

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Track one or more packages from multiple services with TrackThePack. CNET Networks