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Toyota's viral hit makes the minivan (almost) cool

A music video spot for the Toyota Sienna might just get families grooving to the idea of a minivan a "swagger wagon."

Toyota has an image problem. Rather like families.

Both, once revered, now seem to stand for dysfunction. So both try to use various communication techniques in order to redress the balance. In the case of families, well, I'm not sure it's working. Every time I want to believe in the public face of family unity, up pops a Tiger Woods or a Jesse James to suggest that, somewhere along the production line, the brakes must have failed.

Toyota, having undergone difficulties with respect to gas pedals, brakes, and computer glitches, might, however, have created something that works for both itself and, curiously enough, for the Mom and Dad who had a night on the Midori and multiplied.

In a thoroughly delightful video that's being embraced by the viral masses, Toyota tries to get you to believe that its Sienna minivan is really a "Swagger Wagon." It's something that makes the family so hip-hop that Jay-Z and B-Yonce will be rushing off to make a little Bey-B simply in order to get their hands around this wonderful vehicle.

Please don't ask me what is actually so wonderful about this vehicle. For all I know it's just another soccer-parent efficiencymobile. But this piece manages to take the deep, dark shame that is normally associated with ownership of one of these things and confront it with a posse of cool.

Mom and Dad perform here as if their lives (or, at least, their livelihoods) depended on it.

To behold Dad beholding a very large bottles with the baby-sucking thing on top is to behold true performance art. And who but the obviously talented creators of this opus could have come up with the line: "In this house, there's no motherfather swearin?"

"Swagger Wagon" has already enjoyed almost 700,000 views at the time I am penning this eulogy. I can only imagine that this very weekend, families will be dancing around their living rooms, their bedrooms, all the way to their nearest showrooms in order to squeeze all of their beloveds into one of these uplifting and suddenly enticing minivans.