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Toyota bot says no to violence, yes to violins

Toyota recently showcased an amazingly smooth robot that plays the violin, as well as helper robots for the elderly and the disabled.

Honda's Asimo may be Crave's reigning top-ranked nonviolent robot, but it now has some new, (un)fierce competition from Toyota.

Three big competitors, actually. Toyota demoed all of them during a press event in Tokyo today. CNET has a photo gallery of the robots here.

The most visually impressive is its smooth, eponymous violin-playing robot. According to The Sun, the robot has 17 joints in its arms and hands alone, powered by some serious servomotor action.

Also on display were the Mobina, a wheelchair-like robot equipped with independent suspension for each wheel, and Robina, a three-fingered "Partner Robot" that is already being used as a guide in Toyota's headquarters, according to the AP.

YouTube has a clip of the violin-playing robot and Mobina in action, viewable below.

[Via Akihabara News.]