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'Toy Story' aliens invade fashion runway

Bossini, a Hong Kong fashion firm, is releasing a new line of "Toy Story"-inspired clothing for men, women, and children. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to order them in the U.S. yet.


Buzz Lightyear is flying into high fashion, and he's taking Woody, the Aliens, and the rest of the Pixar-inspired crew with him, thanks to a new "Toy Story" fashion line from Bossini of Hong Kong.

A set of photos on Bossini's Facebook page show off the new line, which includes dresses, men's shirts, kids' costumes, and accessories.

Obviously, clothes that tap into the "Toy Story" motif are nothing new, as Disney and Pixar merchandise their movies faster than Kim Kardashian seeks out divorce lawyers. But from what I can make of Bossini's captions, it's laying out prices as high as $1,000 per three-eyed-alien tunic.

Those prices immediately disqualify me from passing judgment on this line because (while I can report the release of new clothes) there is no one in creation less qualified to comment on fashion than me. So, we turn to LeAura Luciano, a veteran model and fashion writer out New York:

"The 'Toy Story' Collection by Bossini is a whimsical nod to pop culture and fun fashion for little and big kids alike," Luciano said. "The hoodies in the collection are an easy way to infuse a little playfulness to any casual look. The standout is the Alien Tank Dress. From the color blocking to the pockets, it's both trendy and edgy. The most wearable piece is the plaid button-down shirt inspired by Jessie the cowgirl. Plaid button-ups are key wardrobe pieces this season."

Unfortunately, if you agree with Luciano and can afford a $199 pair of slippers, you're going to have a tough time ordering "Toy Story" items at the moment. The Bossini international Web site doesn't yet seem to have the items listed for sale. If anyone out there can read Chinese script and correct me, please do.