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'Toy Story 3' spouts Vudu streaming option

Animated film is available today on Blu-ray and DVD. A Wal-Mart promotion offers customers a free streaming copy when they buy the disc.


"Toy Story 3" is available on DVD and Blu-ray starting today. Those who buy their disc from Wal-Mart will find a streaming version included.

According to Vudu, Wal-Mart customers who buy "Toy Story 3" on Blu-ray or DVD will receive a free copy of the movie on Vudu's streaming service. The film is available on all forms of Vudu, including via Boxee's software on the Web or on Blu-ray players and HDTVs with Vudu's streaming service, the company said in a blog post.

The free streaming version of "Toy Story 3" is available only to Wal-Mart customers for good reason: Wal-Mart acquired Vudu earlier this year.

Vudu is trying to find new ways to compete with Netflix, which reigns supreme in the streaming arena.

Those who aren't interested in the Vudu option can buy the DVD or Blu-ray at other retailers or opt for the digital version of the film from Apple's iTunes.