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Toy racetrack too cool to be real

A video of a Wipe'out-style toy car race is made possible using quantum magnetic levitation. Or is it?

Japan Institute of Science and Technology (aka Sony)

Quantum superconductors are an amazing thing.

With the right materials cooled down to below -301 degrees Fahrenheit, you can create a superconductive magnetic field known as the Meissner effect that is capable of floating stably in midair.

Over the past year, we've seen the effect demonstrated with a floating crystal wafer and a skateboard, and discussed as a real-world solution for high-speed rail.

With all that said, it seems completely plausible that some bored science students might construct a small-scale quantum superconductive racetrack styled after the '90s PlayStation game Wipe'out. I mean, why not?

Well, as badly as I want to believe in the above piece of awesomeness, it is likely a hoax. The giveaways? Well, Sony Entertainment is credited as a copyright holder on the video, who just happen to be releasing a sequel to Wipe'out in February.

Also, the "Japan Institute of Science and Technology" and the logo shown on the video are an imitation of the real-world Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. And finally, a careful look at the vapor trails of these two futuristic slot cars reveals some crafty CG work.

Still, as far as corporate-funded viral hoax videos go, this one is pretty great. Just don't hold your breath for a superconductive toy racetrack set popping up at Toys "R" Us anytime soon.