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Toy chick joins USB bubble life

Disturbing trend takes has Tamagotchi influence.


Shades of Silent Running. As USB mania has gotten out of hand, everything from coffee mugs to cigarette lighters has found a way to hook up to the ubiquitous port. That's fine for novelty items, but there's something kind of sick about living things attached to it like an artificial umbilical cord.

That's why we were disturbed to see this little chick in yet another USB bubble. OK, so it's not real, but it comes close: In the tradition of the Tamagotchi, Segatoys has created the "Dream Chick," an animated toy that's a dead ringer for a 3-day-old real version that "responds to your touch and makes sad sounds when you ignore it," according to Inventor Spot.

Judging by the photos, the chick can apparently leave its bubble to get much-needed physical attention. But we'd check first to make sure there's no chance of catching some virtual form of avian flu.