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What goes up, must come down: Domino tower gives it up to gravity

This colorful tower of dominoes was the third-tallest in the world, but something happened on its way to the top.

Remember the "Brady Bunch" episode where the kids build a house of cards, and Tiger the dog pushes Peter into the table and knocks the whole thing over? Here's the story...of a lovely disaster.

Now you can watch a similar, real-life disaster -- a domino world-record attempt -- crumble before your very eyes.

Domino experts who run two YouTube channels, Hevesh5 and Austrian Domino Art, got together to build a colorful 19-foot (5.8 meter) tower that soared for 241 layers, encompassing 3,242 dominoes.

They've got the tower pretty solidly stacked, when attempts to put a thin antenna-like structure on it lead to disaster. (Marcia, your bracelet!) But since watching dominoes fall is the whole point of building with them, it's awfully satisfying for viewers, if somewhat of a bummer for the two builders. Still, they inform us the tower was the third tallest in the world, only 10 layers away from becoming the second tallest, and was America's tallest domino tower ever.

Now sit back, and watch the cascade. Wheeeeeeee!

(Via Gizmodo)