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Touch-screen iPod in December?

The Apple rumor mill churneth.

Photo courtesy of Gizmodo

I know, I know. We are all getting sick of this "the real video iPod is coming" rumor. To reiterate, this much-rumored iPod is supposed to be a touch-screen model with a design-dominating wide screen much better suited to the videos now sold on iTunes. But I find myself compelled to pass on that TrustedReviews is reporting that a "well-informed exec" has the inside scoop on the 6G iPod. The source purportedly works for a third-party vendor that makes products with the "Made for iPod" logo, and he claims to have access to this information because Apple wants to keep such vendors well informed due to the money the company makes from the "Made for iPod" program. Anyway, the gist is that the next-gen iPod will indeed be made up of screen on one full side, that the interface is virtual (as filed in an earlier Apple patent application), and that the player will hit the market in December. Hmm. Well, take that with the usual grain of salt.

(Photo: Gizmodo)