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Touch-screen BlackBerry coming soon?

RIM is planning to introduce a touch-screen answer to Apple's iPhone with a new BlackBerry planned for the third quarter, according to The Wall Street Journal.

RIM just released the BlackBerry Bold shown here, but could have a touch-screen model coming soon. RIM

Research in Motion has a touch-screen BlackBerry in the works that should be out in the third quarter, according to a report Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal has echoed a previous report from The Boy Genius Report that RIM's BlackBerry Thunder will arrive later this year exclusively on Vodafone and Verizon's networks. The device is seen as an answer to Apple's iPhone, which will likely be running on AT&T's 3G network by the time the Thunder arrives.

RIM is by far the leading smartphone company in the U.S., but Apple has come out of nowhere to take second place, and the competition should intensify with Apple's plans for business-friendly software and RIM's continued advance into the consumer market. RIM has started advertising the BlackBerry during consumer-friendly shows such as the NBA playoffs, and Apple's getting set for The Second Annual Month of iPhone Ridiculousness in the coming weeks.