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Touch for a pinch of salt

The Peugeot Elis Sense Salt & Pepper Mills are activated simply by touch. The effortless-to-use kitchen gadget makes grinding seem almost too easy.

No buttons needed.
No buttons needed. Williams-Sonoma

We expect a lot out of our kitchen gadgets and gear. They need to perform at a consistent level, giving us necessary results time after time. This shouldn't be difficult; it is what they are designed to do. However, it is not too uncommon to foist unreasonable expectations on our gear forgetting that they usually don't understand yells of "just work!" Yet sometimes, we can convey with only a touch what we intend for a gadget to do.

Featuring automatic activation, the Peugeot Elis Sense Salt & Pepper Mills from Williams-Sonoma simplify grinding of the everyday spices. While the task of grinding salt and pepper is not a particularly difficult one to accomplish (even for a nonsentient kitchen gadget), the ability to do so by only using one hand makes this particular mechanism more than a novelty. By touching the touch pad on top of the mill and the housing at the same time, the grinder becomes activated, leaving one free hand to stir, flip, pound, chop, or mix at will.

The advanced salt and pepper shakers offer more than efficient grinding by letting users select from six different settings from fine to course. Sadly, intuition for this feature doesn't exist and users will just have to turn the dial manually. However, as consolation, the mills do know enough to activate the incorporated LED light upon grinding. It may seem as if the grinders know what they are doing, thanks only to a touch, but just remember to let go; they don't know a thing about salt (or for that matter, pepper) intake.