Touch-button toasting on the rise

The Cuisinart CPT-440 Touch to Toast Leverless 4-Slice Toaster offers motorized operation. Like a traditional toaster, it automatically rises when toasting is complete, but with one major difference.

Something is missing.
Something is missing. Cuisinart

Ah, the toaster: the ubiquitous appliance that has been found in varies guises on kitchen countertops for generations. Styles may have changed through the years, but the basic idea has always been the same and that is to make bread more delicious by browning it. That includes the ones that toast differently.

There a few things we have come to expect out of toasters and one of those things is a lever to lift the finished product out of the appliance. Sure, there are toasters galore with motorized lifts, but usually when it comes right down to it, we can pop the toast out with a flick upward on the lever. Like bread itself, it just makes us more comfortable knowing that bread is only a lift-lever away.

For early adopters willing to live on the edge, the Cuisinart CPT-440 Touch To Toast Leverless 4-Slice Toaster (or CPT-420 for the two-slice model) offers an inviting challenge. With no lift-lever in sight, the toaster promises to deliver toasted deliciousness at the touch of a button. All the favorite modes are present and accounted for; there are settings for one-sided bagel toasting, reheat and defrost controls, as well as a shade setting selector. When toasting is complete, the toast is automatically lifted out of the machine. But don't worry: just in case, the toaster does come with a cancel button to end the cycle early.

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