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Totally cool silicone steamer basket

This silicone steamer basket is at home on the cooktop or in the microwave for healthy eating anytime.

Look at those cute little feet! Trudeau Corp.

I'm a big fan of silicone cooking gadgets. I'm also a fan of healthy eating--I love to steam vegetables to serve alongside whatever we're eating for dinner.

I'm less of a fan of steaming things on the stovetop, what with the Houston humidity and all. So the microwave is my method of choice, but that means I have to find a steamer basket that's microwave-safe.

The Trudeau silicone vegetable steamer is flexible, so it'll fit into most microwaveable bowls (and pots, if you live in a more temperate climate). It's also heat-resistant to almost 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The nonscratch silicone feet will keep the steamer bowl elevated so the water never actually touches the steamer or the food. And when it's not in use, you don't have to hide the basket away--store it where people can see its funky design.