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Toshiba X Series Picture Frame TVs: Size zero LCD

Toshiba has decided it isn't happy with just thin televisions -- now it wants screens with a tiny little outer frame too. The result is its new Picture Frame TVs

After years of the chunky monkey CRT dominating the living room, LCD and plasma screens have enormously reduced the space needed to house a TV. There's still an unsightly thick plastic frame round most screens, though -- because big frames increase the structural strength of the TV. But now Toshiba has overcome this engineering challenge with the X Series Picture Frame LCD.

The X Series is just like any other flat-panel TV, except the outside edge is tiny, just 15mm wide in fact, which makes it look stunning. The screens come in two sizes, 40 and 46 inches, and should be available by September this year.

As hi-def televisions they don't disappoint either, offering full 1080p and three HDMI 1.3 sockets, for all your connection needs. Toshiba assures us there will also be support for 24p mode -- for playing back films at 24fps, as they were intended to be seen. The TVs also come with built-in Freeview receivers, which is essential in these days of imminently vanishing analogue TV.

No doubt one day these tiny frames will be standard on all televisions, but until they are, this Tosh really has a wow factor. Pricing won't be official for a while, but the company indicated that the 40-inch model would be around £1,500, with the 46-inch version costing around £1,800. -IM