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Toshiba unveils slim HD DVD-Writer for the man-purse

Toshiba knows that space is at a premium in a chap's man-bag, so it has created external drives -- for all your HD DVD play and backup needs -- that are just 13mm thick

Toshiba has just given us a peek, out here in Berlin at IFA, at its external HD DVD writer and Super-Multi drives for the PC. Behold the cunningly named HD DVD-Writer and HD DVD Super-Multi. They're for the PC.

Okay, so the names aren't particularly imaginative, but just look how diddy they are -- the 165g chassis is just 128 by 126 by just 13mm. These things will slot into your man-bag or purse and leave plenty of room for your moisturiser and lip balm.

We also like the fact they'll let you watch HD DVD movies on your PC or laptop, upscale ordinary DVD flicks to improve picture quality, and serve as a 15GB-per-disc backup solution. Did we mention they're also very thin?

The HD DVD-Writer supports CD, DVD+/-RW, HD DVD-ROM, and single and double-layer HD DVD-R formats. The HD DVD Super-Multi supports all of the above except HD DVD-R. They're available to buy right now -- prices start from £200. -Rory Reid