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Toshiba unveils faster SD cards

Toshiba on Monday announced a new family of Secure Digital (SD) memory cards that write data five times faster than its standard SD cards can. The High Speed SD Memory Cards from Toshiba America Electronic Components have a sustained data write speed of 5MB per second, compared with 1MB per second in the standard cards. The flash memory-based cards are designed for use in devices such as cell phones, high-resolution digital still cameras and notebook computers. The cards initially come in capacities of 128MB and 256MB. Samples are available now, priced at $70 for a 128MB card and $110 for a 256MB card.

Toshiba also said its SD memory cards are being used in a wearable digital video camcorder from Brick, N.J.-based Deja View. The device has an "after the fact" recording feature, meaning that up to 30 seconds of video and audio have been captured by the time a user presses the record button.