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Toshiba TS608: Slim, stylish and silver

The Toshiba TS608 is an ultra-slim phone with dedicated music buttons, Bluetooth and an expandable microSD slot

If you've ever wondered whether the saying 'the best things come in small packages' is true, you only have to look at the mobile phone industry. Advances in technology have meant that small phones don't have to be light on features.

One particularly slim phone is the Toshiba TS608, which is only 10mm thin. While you may not associate Toshiba with mobiles at the moment, you might well do in the future.

While the TS608 is definitely slim in proportions, it certainly isn't in features. It has a 1.3-megapixel camera, a dedicated music button on the top for easy access, Bluetooth functionality and an expandable microSD slot, which can hold up to 512MB.

Admittedly, these aren't the best specs we've ever seen, but given the TS608's size and styling we're still impressed. The handset comes in silver with a brushed-steel effect on the front and a matte finish around the rest of the phone.

The screen is clear and bright and the keys are well laid out. We weren't too keen on the menu icons or interface graphics, but we found the TS608 easy to use and felt comfortable making calls with it.

There are some features that have us concerned -- it's only dual-band and the battery life seems a little short, with only 150 minutes talk time. However, we'll reserve final judgement for the full review. Toshiba says it hopes the phone will be available later this year and will retail for £80-£100 on pay as you go, or free on a monthly contract. Expect a full review soon. -AL

Update: A full review of the Toshiba TS608 is now available in our Reviews channel.