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Toshiba slashes notebook prices

Price cuts of up to 32 percent are part of the company's effort to retain its lead in the increasingly competitive laptop market.

Toshiba cut prices on its notebook PCs by up to 32 percent as part of its effort to retain its lead in the increasingly competitive laptop market.

The price cuts on its top line Tecra and mainstream Satellite portables follow the rollout earlier this week of new and updated systems.

The price cuts and new models come amidst an intense battle with Compaq Computer to maintain its position as the top notebook manufacturer. Toshiba, which had perennially ruled the market, saw its market share slip last year.

A Tecra 780CDM with 266-MHz Intel Pentium II and 13.3-inch display was priced at $3,999 but is now priced at $2,699, a reduction of 32.5 percent. A Tecra 780 with DVD was priced at $4,399, and is now priced at $3,099, a reduction of 29.5 percent.

In Toshiba's line of notebooks for mainstream corporate and small office users, the Satellite 4010CDT with 266-MHz Pentium II and 12.1-inch active matrix display was reduced to $1,999 from $2,299, a 13 percent reduction. The company now has six models priced at under $2,000, a price point which is attracting an increasing number of corporate buyers used to spending $3,000 or more for notebooks.

Toshiba cuts notebook prices
Model Processor Old Price New Price Percent Reduction
Tecra 780CDM 266 PII $3,999 $2,699 32.5
Satellite 4010CDT 266 PII $2,299 $1,999 13
Tecra 780DVD 266 PII $4,399 $3,099 29.5
Source: Toshiba