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Toshiba shows first laptop with HD-DVD drive

Toshiba shows first laptop with HD-DVD drive

We got a glimpse at the HD-DVD laptop that Toshiba unveiled in Japan last fall, and it is (unsurprisingly) a Qosmio. The laptop will run on the Intel Centrino Duo platform; in addition to a high-def drive, the new Qosmio has a bright, high-resolution display that's great for movie-watching and critiquing celebrities' skin. Toshiba also threw in Dolby Home Theater sound and HDMI support, so you can plug the laptop into your stereo and a larger high-definition display for a true home-theater experience. (I watched a few movie trailers from the couch in the Toshiba booth, and though I'm no audio expert, the surround sound was really cool.) Unfortunately this was just a demo; pricing, availability, and specific model name and configuration are still to come later this quarter.

Toshiba's other dual-core offering will be a convertible tablet. The ultraportable Portege M400 will feature a 12.1-inch display, integrated optical drive, and security features such as a fingerprint reader and Trusted Platform Module. Though exact pricing and configurations have not yet been announced, the Portege M400 will be available in February.