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Toshiba ships new Equium corporate desktop line

Toshiba introduces a new line of desktop computers for business users focused on low prices and service costs.

    Toshiba today introduced a new line of desktop computers for business users, the Equium 7300 series.

    Toshiba has begun shipping the Equium 7300, an Intel-based line of desktop computers designed for easy manageability and integration within a corporate environment, the company said. The new line of computers, sold through resellers and dealers, is touted by Toshiba as a bargain for business buyers focused on low prices and continuing service and upgrade costs.

    PC companies that sell to medium and large businesses often promote their products as easy and inexpensive to maintain. Corporate buyers are notoriously conservative in their buying habits, and tend to prefer systems which can be easily integrated into existing networks.

    "We're focused on delivering solutions to meet a range of customer needs," Jeffrey Friederichs, vice president of marketing for Toshiba, said in a statement. "We continue to give customers desktop computing solutions that provide low ownership costs combined with a low acquisition price."

    Although Toshiba dominates the retail and corporate notebook markets, the company has had a harder time in the desktop market. After exiting the retail desktop business, Toshiba refocused its desktop efforts on corporate buyers, but it has yet to break into the top five sellers, according to International Data Corporation. The company cites market research from IDC indicating that corporations using 1,000 of its Equium computers can save up to 8 percent of PC staffing costs per year. Other PC companies make similar claims.

    Like most corporate computers, Toshiba's Equium computers typically feature common components like hard drives and CD-ROM drives that let information technology managers swap devices between users and computers more easily. Equium computers also feature motherboards that slide out of the computer, which is supposed to make servicing the PC easier.

    Specifically, the new Toshiba computers feature faster Celeron processors from Intel, running at speeds of up to 500MHz. The new Equium 7300D, for example, features a 500MHz Celeron processor, 128MB of memory, a 17GB hard drive, and a pre-installed Microsoft Windows NT operating system for $1,157.

    A lower-end system with a Celeron processor running at 433MHz, with 64MB of memory, a 10GB hard drive, and pre-installed Windows 98 costs $852.