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Toshiba Satellite A660: WiDi oughta connect your laptop to your TV

Fancy connecting your laptop to your telly? Without the hassle of pesky wires? Toshiba's got you covered with a new laptop that uses Intel WiDi technology

Fancy connecting your laptop to your telly? Prefer if it was without the hassle of pesky wires? Toshiba's got you covered. The company's just unveiled an Intel WiDi-compatible addition to its forthcoming 16.4-inch Satellite A660 series, which lets you do just that.

WiDi lets you wirelessly stream video, still pictures and audio from your laptop to your TV, Trusted Reviews reports. To do so, the WiDi-enabled A660 will rely on a combination of bespoke software, a third-party add-on box and some fairly ordinary laptop components.

On that list is an Intel integrated graphics adaptor (WiDi won't work with more advanced offerings from Nvidia or ATI), an Intel Core i CPU and Toshiba's Resolution+ upscaling software. You'll also need an external adaptor box from the likes of Netgear, which should cost in the region of $99 (£75). Simple and inexpensive, it ain't.

If WiDi doesn't float your boat and you'd rather stick with good, honest cables, non-WiDi versions of the A660 will also be available. These alternatives will get the option of Nvidia graphics, a choice of Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs, and Blu-ray. Expect to see 'em on sale this coming June. We'll give you more details, including pricing and a full hands-on, in the near future.