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Toshiba recalls more Sony batteries

No one has been injured this time, but to be safe, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says 1,400 notebooks have batteries that are potentially dangerous.

Yes, you've seen this headline before. For the third month in a row, Toshiba customers are being urged to exchange potentially dangerous notebook batteries for the nonexploding kind.

This time around, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says 1,400 of the lithium-ion batteries containing Sony-made cells sold with Toshiba laptops pose a fire hazard. There have been three reports of models with those batteries overheating in other countries, but none of the incidents caused injury, according to the CPSC.

Users of Toshiba's Satellite A100, Satellite A105 and Tecra A7, it's your turn. If your notebook was made between January through June 2006, you are eligible for a free replacement battery from the company by going to Toshiba's battery replacement Web site. In the meantime, the notebooks can still be used with the power cord and no battery.

Toshiba recalled 5,100 Sony batteries in July, and in June urged customers to send in for a new battery after reports of one catching fire and burning a desk in Great Britain.

Still, the latest number of defective batteries seems minor in comparison to last fall's massive recall, which affected more than 9 million notebooks from most major PC makers.