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Toshiba preps three portable DVD players

At CES 2007, Toshiba announced three new portable DVD players: the SD-P2900, SD-P1900, and SD-P1750.

They lack the sizzle of Philips' new portable DVD players, which include iPod docks and displays that swivel 180 degrees. But Toshiba's new line of "premium" portable DVD players offer larger screen sizes, an updated design and, the company claims, longer battery life.

Toshiba SD-P1750
Toshiba SD-P1750 Toshiba

The top-of-the-line SD-P2900 has a 10.2-inch wide-screen LCD screen, four-in-one (SD, MMC, MS, and xD) memory card slot and component-video output. Battery life is rated at six hours. The SD-P2900 will be available in March for $300.

The midrange SD-P1900 has a 9-inch wide-screen LCD screen with a new black acrylic top, dual headphone outputs and a car cord adapter. Battery life is rated at five hours. The SD-P1900 will be available this month for $180.

Finally, the budget SD-P1750 player has a 7-inch wide-screen LCD, dual headphone outputs and a car cord adapter. It is rated for three hours on batteries and will be available starting in February for $130.