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Toshiba laptops will soon write to HD

Toshiba will add a high-definition DVD burner to its laptop line.

In the maddening crush of gadgets and humanity that is CES, we walked right past the Qosmio sitting in Toshiba's booth--after all, we'd seen that laptop before, and R2-D2 was in the house. But there was something different about that Qosmio; Toshiba was using it to show off its laptop-size HD-DVD-R optical drive, which reportedly will let users burn as much as 30GB of data on a single HD-DVD disc. The company's been mum on other key deets, such as release date and price, though they have promised more info by the end of this quarter. If the previous Qosmio was any indication, though, it's safe to say that the addition of the new technology will price the laptop far beyond the means of the average home consumer--not that the average home consumer has much interest in burning high-def discs, anyway.