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Toshiba intros 300GB 15,000rpm hard drive

Toshiba announces its first hard drive for the enterprise market that offers 300GB of storage and spins at 15,000rpm.

The new Toshiba MK01GRRB/R hard drive from Toshiba
The new Toshiba MK01GRRB/R hard drive from Toshiba Toshiba

Toshiba announced today the Toshiba MK01GRRB/R series hard drive for the enterprise market. It offers up to 300GB of storage in the 2.5-inch design.

While 300GB doesn't seem like much, this is a high-speed hard drive that offers spinning speeds of 15,000rpm, as opposed to only 7,200rpm in high-end consumer-grade hard drives. In fact the new drive doubles the capacity compared with the previous model, without increasing the amount of platter, and is currently the largest among its peers, according to Toshiba.

The new drive features SAS connection with up to 6Gbps bandwidth. It offers hardware-based encryption to help companies manage data security. Toshiba says, the new drive is its third generation and now comes with an enhanced power condition state that reduces drive spin in idle states, significantly lowering power consumption.

The MK01GRRB/R series comes in two capacities, 300GB and 147GB. Both of them will be available early next year. It's currently unclear how much they cost.