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Toshiba hits 160GB with tiny drive

Toshiba's new 1.8-inch, 160GB drive and an 80GB companion will be available in time for holiday season's gadget spending spree.

Toshiba's 160GB 1.8-inch hard drive Toshiba

Toshiba on Wednesday pushed the capacity of its 1.8-inch hard drives up one more notch to 160GB but said it also made the products more power-efficient.

The 8mm-thick, dual-platter model also employs a new interface called CE-ATA for consumer electronics devices. Toshiba also introduced a 5mm-thick single-platter 80GB drive; both drives spin at 3,600rpm and have an average seek time of 15 microseconds.

Toshiba won't comment on who's buying this drive, but it doesn't take big brains to figure out one company Toshiba is courting: also on Wednesday, Apple introduced new iPod media players with 160GB drives. Toshiba isn't alone in the market, though: in August, Samsung Electronics announced a 160GB 1.8-inch drive that spins at 4,200rpm.