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Toshiba G450: Small but perfectly odd

Tosh doesn't often venture into the mobile arena, but when it does it's usually worth paying attention -- that's certainly the case with this funky mobile-cum-iPod-cum-HSDPA modem

Toshiba isn't well known for its mobile phones, but it does make them. Newest among these enigmatic devices is the G450: a mobile-cum-iPod-cum-HSDPA modem. Come read why you should be interested.

The G450 is a quirky-looking device. Its keys are spread across two separate button clusters and the screen is only big enough to accommodate three lines of text -- so it's pretty difficult to use at first. That's if you use it at all -- it lacks many modern phone features, such as a camera, MMS or email, but it has plenty of other tricks that make it worthwhile.

Firstly, it's small and highly portable. It comes with 160MB of free storage to dump MP3 music on. It'll even work as a high-speed broadband modem if you connect it to your laptop -- for speeds of up to 3.6Mbps. Plus it'll happily send and receive calls while you're connected to the Internet.

Okay, so it's not the most feature-rich handset in the world, but we reckon its quirkiness works in its favour. It's easy to imagine everyone from youngsters to fashion-conscious WAG wannabes trying to get hold of one, and come the end of March, it can be yours SIM-free for 100 of our English pounds. -Rory Reid