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Toshiba expands server line

The company introduces the Magnia 7000 series, which supports Intel's Xeon 400-MHz processor.

Toshiba today introduced the Magnia 7000 series enterprise server, expanding its relatively new server line.

Toshiba first debuted its servers in June at PC Expo in New York. Today, the company is expanding the line to support Intel's Xeon 400-MHz processor.

The addition of high-end NT servers to Toshiba's corporate desktop and notebook businesses was seen as critical in a time of rapidly declining profit margins. The Magnia 7000 series starts at $7,945, a step up from the entry-level $3,000 server introduced earlier this summer.

"The [servers] announced back in June are department and workgroup class servers," for small and medium-sized businesses, said a Toshiba spokesperson. "These are for larger businesses that need to run advanced applications like data warehousing, e-commerce, and high volume business processing. Plus, the other two only supported 2 processors."

The Toshiba Magnia 7000 line supports four-way processing, and up to 4GB of memory.

Like previous Toshiba servers, the Magnia 7000 has a modular design that offers easy access to system components for servicing, Toshiba says. Additionally, users can "hot swap" drives, or remove them while the computer is running, and configure the system in either a rack-mount or tower version.

The new Toshiba enterprise server comes pre-loaded with Intel's LANDesk Server Management software and Toshiba's Server Setup Utilities. The 7000 series is compatible with both Microsoft Windows NT and Novell NetWare operating environments. Toshiba is also expected to market a Unix-based server later next year.

The Toshiba Magnia 7000 line will be available through Toshiba's reseller partners, starting at $7,495.