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Toshiba drops new touch-screen smartphone

The new 1GHz Snapdragon CPU may be the fastest phone in the land.

I'm no fan of Windows Mobile, but Toshiba Europe just dropped a new smartphone that might make me forgive the OS. This is the TG01, a new touch-screen handset that Toshiba is apparently aiming at the iPhone. And it runs on the Snapdragon CPU at 1GHz.

The speedy proc is nice, and the other features are as high-tech, such as the HSUPA/HSDPA data modem for 3G connectivity, the 4.1-inch hi-res WVGA display, Wi-Fi, GPS, and built-in support for DivX.

Toshiba also has a TouchFlo-like UI layer over the ugliness of Windows Mobile 6.1 that appears fairly slick. And the form factor is very nice indeed. But until it's sporting WinMo 6.5, it's not really an iPhone replacement yet.