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Toshiba dares you to stain its new 19-inch LCD/DVD combo

Toshiba announced the 19LV612U LCD/DVD combo, featuring a kitchen-friendly stainless-steel finish and a built-in DVD player.

Buying an HDTV these days is almost like buying a Ford in the early 1900s; you can get any color you want, as long as it's glossy black. That might not exactly work in your modern kitchen decor; at least that's the thinking behind Toshiba's recently announced 19LV612U, which comes out in September.

The 19-inch LCD features a stainless-steel finish on its front panel; turn it to the side and there's a slot-loading DVD player built-in. The display has 1,366x768 native resolution and its basic connectivity (one HDMI input, one component video input, PC input and one standard AV input) should be enough to cover most kitchen setups, although many competing models have two HDMI inputs.

The hardest sell for Toshiba will be the 19LV612U's $350 list price, as it's easy to find competing 19-inch LCD/DVD combos for about $100 less.