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Toshiba D-VR15: Antiques Roadshow

Toshiba's D-VR15 combines archaic VHS technology with new DVD recorder features. You can finally get rid of those embarrassing old video tapes by backing them up to DVD

What's this? A DVD recorder that has a slot for something called VHS tapes? Oh yeah, we remember them now -- VHS was what cavemen used for recording Hollyoaks. Surely they're not still being used today though? We though that there'd been a government-enforced amnesty and they were all dumped in a massive landfill somewhere, but apparently not. While we expect that the only person left clinging on to VHS is our granddad and his Dad's Army collection, we thought we'd check out what this Toshiba combi machine has to offer.

While it carries 20-year old technology on the inside, the D-VR15 features progressive scan video outputs -- perfect for flatscreen TV owners. Just make sure you don't switch suddenly from high definition Xbox 360 to VHS -- you'll feel like someone's smeared Vaseline all over your screen.

The best feature of the D-VR15 has to be the VHS to DVD backup facility, so you can finally transfer those old tapes to a 21st-century format. The DVD recorder has support for DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM discs too.

If only you could rent the Toshiba D-VR15 -- you could preserve your parents' wedding video and that embarrassing one of you as a baby, and forget you ever heard of VHS.

Banish anything with the VHS logo to the bin once and for all. The D-VR15 isn't too badly priced at around £200, but if you have to stick with VHS, there's not much else to choose from. -GC