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Tech Industry

Toshiba cuts notebook prices

The company announces price reductions of up to $1,300 on several notebooks, including the Tecra, as well as discounts on desktops and monitors.

Toshiba announced today price cuts of up to $1,300 on several notebooks--the Tecra, the Satellite Pro, and the Portege models--as well as reductions on the Equium desktop PC and the TekBright monitor.

The Tecra 740CDT has been reduced by $1,300. It comes with a 166-MHz MMX Pentium chip, a 13.3-inch TFT display, a 3GB hard drive, and a Noteworthy videophone with camera.

The Satellite Pro line of notebooks now starts at around $2,100; each machine comes with a large active-matrix TFT display. The Portege 660CDT laptop has a new estimated street price of about $4,150.

The company also cut prices on its Equium line of desktop computers by as much as $620, dropping the estimated street price to around $1,470 for the low end. Each Equium model is equipped with 32MB of standard memory and a processor ranging from the 166-MHz MMX Pentium to the 266-MHz Pentium II.

The 17-inch TekBright multimedia monitor now has an estimated street price of about $700. The monitor incorporates Toshiba's Microfilter technology, which the company claims increases brightness by 30 percent and improves color purity by 10 percent.