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Tech Industry

Toshiba CompactFlash cards reach multigig memories

Among the new offerings from Toshiba is a 4GB CompactFlash card for use in MP3 players and digital camcorders.

Toshiba on Thursday announced 4GB and 2GB CompactFlash cards for use in digital camcorders, music players and cameras.The cards feature 90-nanometer NAND flash memory technology, the company said. Samples of 2GB and 4GB cards are now available for $299.99 and $499.99 per unit, respectively.

Separately, Toshiba also announced a suite of USB 2.0 flash drives in capacities from 128MB to 1GB, along with flash drive subassemblies for device makers. The drives are based on multilevel cell NAND flash. Toshiba said samples of subassemblies will be available next month, with prices ranging from $29.99 for 128MB to $129.99 for 1GB. Toshiba said it will begin shipping 2GB 0.85-inch hard disk drives by the end of this month. It is preparing a same-size 4GB drive for release midyear.