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Toshiba beams up with 'Star Trek'

Toshiba is celebrating the upcoming release of the movie with all manner of branded bits and bobs.

Toshiba lapjack

JJ Abrams' retooling of the classic-era "Star Trek" is beaming into movie theaters very soon--sorry, we're contractually obliged to make that pun--and Toshiba is celebrating with all manner of branded bits and bobs.

Tosh launched the mini NB200 Thursday. It's a perfect candidate for an inexplicably named limited-edition "lapjack" (pictured above), which is a "Star Trek" sticker you stick on your laptop, and it fits as snugly as a red shirt on an inevitably doomed extra.

At a "Trek"-themed microsite, you can download screensavers and other items. If you've bought any Tosh stuff lately, there's also the chance to win a zero-gravity flight. Crave's been there, done that.

"Star Trek" is out in May. Crave has had a sneak preview, but we're not going to spoil it for you.

(Via Crave UK)