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Toshiba AT200 Android tablet brings a sexy back

The Toshiba AT200 Android tablet looks rather good and may just change your life.

Hey, look, here's another tablet PC that isn't the iPad 2. No, don't run away. This, the Toshiba AT200, is rather good for an Android tablet and may just change your... Hello? God you people are shallow.

Those of you who've stuck around will find the 10.1-inch AT200 has loads going for it, like the fact it's bleedin' skinny -- always a useful feature in consumer tech. It measures a mere 7.7mm deep from front to back, which means it's a full millimetre thinner (go ahead, count it) than the iPad 2 at its fattest point.

It's also a bit sexier than the iPad 2, thanks to a slightly larger 1,280x800-pixel, 10.1-inch display and a back end so seductive it puts Pippa Middleton to shame. It's finished in a gorgeous brushed aluminium effect we're convinced could make all but the most hardened Apple fanboy ignore the fact there are Toshiba and Google logos etched into the back.

Speaking of Google, the AT200 runs version 3.2 Honeycomb of the company's Android operating system, which is the latest until 4.0 -- aka Ice Cream Sandwich -- is released later this year.

The tablet will feature a micro-HDMI port for outputting video to a big-screen TV (there's none of that fancy AirPlay malarkey here), 32GB of storage, which is upgradeable by microSD memory card and a pair of cameras -- one 5-megapixel snapper at the rear and a 2-megapixel unit facing the user.

The AT200 might not have the word iPad written anywhere on its chassis, but it's skinny, gorgeous to look at it and is well equipped, which is pretty much everything we look for in a tablet PC (other than iOS, of course).

We'll update you with pricing and availability the moment we get it.