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Toshiba, AMD caught off guard by morning news

News of a Toshiba-AMD relationship took Toshiba by surprise.

Turns out this morning's news that Toshiba will be using AMD processors in up to 20 percent of its laptops in the United States and Europe--thus ending its exclusive association with Intel--wasn't exactly a planned announcement. When we caught up with our PR contact for Toshiba, he was scrambling to put together an official release and would only confirm the content of the news stories that had appeared thus far. He did mention, though, that the first Toshiba notebooks to see AMD processors would be in the company's Satellite line, and that we can expect to receive our actual review units in fall of this year.

At midafternoon, AMD issued a release adding that the Satellite systems will feature Turion 64 X2 processors and the AMD M690 chipset. We'd hoped Toshiba's official press release would hold even more details, but its two brief paragraphs (sent out late this evening) only reiterated what we already knew. No model numbers, no pricing, nothing. But we're putting our money on the Turions showing up in A series and P series Satellites, with a savings of about $100 over Intel-based systems. What's your wager?