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Torture your friends with The Hot Ones: Truth or Dab game for only $13

If you're going to destroy your mouth, you might as well save some money at the same time.

First We Feast

We've all seen the show. Host Sean Evans sits a celebrity down in front of a plate of wings, and with each wing consumed a question is asked. The trick? Each wing is covered in progressively spicier sauce, ending with the most brutal of all called The Last Dab. This last one is the harshest not only because it's the spiciest, but because a little dab of extra sauce is applied to the wing before it is consumed. Would you eat this sauce? What if it was a dare? What if it was a part of a Truth or Dare-style game you played with friends? If you happen to be a little bit curious, you'll be delighted to know you can do exactly this for $10 cheaper than usual today. 

Hot Ones: Truth or Dab is a board game for ages 17+ and includes a bottle of the infamous Last Dab sauce from the show. The game itself is fairly simple: You either answer a question or challenge on the card -- or take a small spoonful of The Last Dab. The person to survive this exchange for the longest is the winner. It's a great way to try out this absolutely brutal hot sauce from the show while having fun with friends, just please make sure everyone involved knows what they are getting into beforehand. Nobody wants this stuff without warning.