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Top tweets on Apple's iPad event

Snark, humor, and free goodies resonated most with Twitter users during the Cupertino company's Tuesday event in San Francisco.

Apple unveiled new iPads at an event in San Francisco. James Martin/CNET

Apple was once again the talk of Twitter during a media event Tuesday that introduced new iPads and revealed that OS X Mavericks would be released free of charge. The Cupertino, Calif., company's event spawned more than 770,000 tweets between 10 a.m PT and noon PT, according to data shared with CNET by analytics firm Topsy.

Collectively, the people of Twitter showed the most enthusiasm around the lighter, full-size iPad Air and the new Mac operating system, but the top tweets surrounding the affair, measured in retweets and replies, highlight a mix of different emotions.

From 10 a.m PT to noon PT, actor Darren Criss, seemingly an enthusiastic Apple fan, had the top four tweets, which altogether generated 1,753 retweets and replies during the two-hour block.

Snark at the expense of Apple was also a hit on Twitter as 2 of the top 10 tweets during the event poked fun at the company's repetitive use of adjectives and the addicted nature of its customers.

Meanwhile, during the 11 a.m. hour, model Christine Teigen's tweet with some choice words for Apple around the iPad Air proved popular and generated a total 190 retweets and replies and nearly 400,000 impressions. In the same period, Stack Exchange co-founder Jeff Atwood jokingly tweeted that he was ready to chuck his now outdated iPad 4. His tweet saw a total of 221 replies and retweets and was exposed to 290,000 people during that 60-minute period, according to Topsy.

For a look at the top tweets posted during the event, check out the graphic below provided by Topsy.

The top ten Apple event-related tweets between 10 a.m. PT and noon PT, as measured by retweets and replies. Topsy