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Top-rated Samsung monitors

CNET picks the Top 5 Samsung monitors.

How high did the BX2350 place? Josh P. Miller

I really can't shake a stick these days without running smack dab into a Samsung monitor. This is of particular concern to me, what with my affinity for stick-shaking and all.

With so many Samsung monitors being released and the fact that I review many of them, it stands to reason that the very best of the Samsung best would need to be rounded up, stood up, and counted. All five of them.

Here you'll find the five best Samsung monitors we've reviewed so far. If your favorite Samsung monitor isn't on this list, then we probably haven't reviewed it, or you wouldn't know a good monitor if it hit you in the...our tastes in monitors don't exactly line up.

Also, the monitor hub awaits those looking for monitors that don't necessarily have the Samsung brand embossed on them.