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Top Gear showing in HD from November

After receiving "several hundred emails", the most popular car show on the planet is now being captured on hi-def cameras, and will be broadcast in the new format from November

It's one of the most pirated TV shows on the planet, and now it's being shot in HD. Yes, Top Gear -- the BBC's version of CNET UK's Car Tech (arf!) -- will be broadcast on BBC HD from November this year.

The Beeb's Danielle Nagler confirmed that after receiving "several hundred emails" the show is now being captured on hi-def cameras. Though not for the first time: the famous polar special, which saw the team race to the Magnetic North Pole, has been available in HD since it was first broadcast in 2007.

But what we really need to know is whether the show will hit the BBC's iPlayer HD section. We've put in a question to our man on the inside (of iPlayer's PR office), and will let you know when we know for sure. To be honest though, it's highly likely.

Are you looking forward to seeing the most highly defined Stig ever? What miracle of makeup can let Jeremy Clarkson's collapsing middle-aged face cope with the rigours of iPlayer's 720p downloads? Spout your opinions in the comments.