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'Top Gear' fans go full speed with hate for the wrong Chris Evans

What's in a name? Lots, when you're revving too fast and furious to verify a Twitter handle and attack Captain America by mistake.

This Chris Evans was too busy saving the world to have anything to do with "Top Gear."


Poor Captain America. First, fans revolted against a certain plot twist in his comic book, and now they're furious at the Super Soldier for something he didn't even do.

The reboot of British cult favorite car show "Top Gear" aired Sunday, and fans were quick to howl that the new version should have stayed in the garage. The London-based Times gave it only two out of five stars, proclaimed that it "treads too hard on the loud pedal" and declared the show off to a "spluttering start."

But it was British co-host Chris Evans who came in for the majority of the "Top Gear" sneers. The veteran TV presenter paired up with "Friends" star Matt "How YOU doin'?" LeBlanc, and fans decided that the two mixed together about as well as sugar in a gas tank.

But when "Gear"-heads decided to take their complaints to Evans himself, some neglected to realize that the Brit uses the Twitter handle @achrisevans, while the Twitter name @chrisevans belongs to... well, Chris Evans, American actor and "Captain America" star. Who was on the receiving end of a carload of tweets like these:

Eventually, of course, some fans figured it out.

(Via Mashable)