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Top five uses for a rocket-powered pickup truck

The latest in redneck tech!

Hip Tech Blog is showcasing a particularly interesting exhibition from last week's X Prize Cup in New Mexico: a 2,750-pound thrust nitrous oxide rocket that fits neatly in the bed of a pickup truck. Here at Crave, we like versatile technology, and wow, this truck rocket really takes the cake. Imagine the possibilities!


1. Clearly, now you can catch up with that elusive deer. Unfortunately, since the rocket takes up the entire truck bed, you'll have to find somewhere else to put the animal when you drive it to the taxidermist's. And a rocket can't correct your terrible aim.

2. The liquor store's closing in five, wait, four minutes...

3. With a rocket in the back of your Chevy, you can now run over possums and simultaneously roast them for dinner, thus leaving more time for you to get your Dale Jr. fix on ESPN once you return home.

4. Go ahead and enter that demolition derby you've always wanted to. There's no way you could possibly lose now.

5. So what if Cletus next door gets all the ladies because his F-250 has a GPS system, satellite radio, and Yosemite Sam mud flaps? There just isn't anything cooler than a rocket. Period.